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      1. Paper-making equipment installation and technical innovation

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        Low Cost Cardboard Tube Machine For Toilet Paper


        Low Cost Cardboard Tube Machine For Toilet Paper

        Product Description

        Brief description

        Cardboard tube machine, two heads single-belt computer-wide frequency control, automatic circular knife automatic tracking fine-cut,far-infrared photoelectric control, this model suitable for low-grade paper tubes and packaging drums. Paper cans production, the use of automatic lubrication device, the production of paper drums. Paper tank surface smooth, clean paper tube wall, suitable for small food. pastry. Wine box. Kitchen spices. Chemical dyes. seed. Medicine and other industries, with small investment,quick efficiency and higher profit characteristics. Heavy-duty paper tubes can be fitted with weighting devices.


        Cardboard tube machine technical parameter

        paper tube diameter


        paper tube thickness


        paper tube speed

        3m-20m/min,can be adjustable according to the paper tube speed

        paper tube length

        Customize precise cut length according to size required,using far-infrared photoelectric control

        tube cutting way

        Circular knife automatic tracking automatic cutting, paper tube length can be set at will

        sizing way

        automatic double-sided sizing

        bottom paper upper paper

        on the same direction

        supply paper way

        Vertical paper tray

        supply paper quantity

        2-16 layer, according to the weight of paper and paper tube thickness to adjust

        motor power

        7.5KW of the main machine power

        control way

        Host frequency control, machine multi-point synchronization

        transmission design

        Chain, turbine deceleration, V belt machine synchronization

        machine appearance


        machine weight



        Cardboard tube machine show

        cardboard tube machine

        cardboard tube machine


        Finished product show

        paper tube paper core

        Company Information

        Guo Rui Paper Making Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in the paper making machines and pulp making equipments. The main items as below: high speed Toilet paper machine, Napkin paper machine, Culture paper machine, Industrial packaging paper machine, Yellow paper machine and specialty paper machine.During the past thirty years production and sales, we have owned one excellent R&D department, as well as the good pre-sale service, after-sale technical support and strictly quality control system. Our products has been sold in the most of the China, as well as the foreign country, such as, Vietnam, Mongolia, West Africa, South Africa, Brazil, Uzbekistan, etc.

        company information

        Our Services

        1.We will provide all the details to you during the mass production.

        2.Your requirements and complains are highly respected.

        3.Necessary test and certification can be obtained as you request.

        4.Our technician and engineers are available to go abroad for machine commissioning and teach how to operate machines.

        5.We'll offer you the advanced technology and best service.


        Any questions about Low Cost Cardboard Tube Machine For Toilet Paper,pls feel free to contact us!

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