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        Paper products market demand stability, the paper industry to speed up transformation and upgrading

        [ Time:2017-07-22 Click:1557 ]


        With the rapid development of e-commerce industry, it is expected that the number of paper products will grow rapidly in the next few years

        Benefit supply side structural reform, including paper industry, including many cyclical industries, product prices and overall profitability has been significantly increased. Afternoon, accompanied by environmental monitoring continues to increase, the paper industry gradually withdraw backward production capacity, superimposed demand season and other favorable factors, paper products in the second half is expected to open again price channel

        Reference to prospective industry research institute "Chinese papermaking industry development prospects of strategic planning and investment analysis report" data show May 2017, paper and paper products industry in China export delivery value of 4 billion 780 million yuan, down 1.4%, 1-5 month accumulative total export delivery value of 22 billion 620 million yuan, the cumulative increase of 0.1%

        The following are the statistics of export value of paper and paper products from June 2016 to May 2017

        Although in recent years, "paperless office" has been vigorously promoted, but from the statistical data and observation of enterprises, did not find that the demand for paper declined, but it is still rising. It is estimated that the total consumption of paper and paperboard will reach 111 million tons in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of 1.4%, with an annual per capita consumption of 81 kg, an increase of 5 kg over 2015

        After fifteen years of rapid expansion of production capacity, China's paper production and consumption capacity in the world ranks first in the world, and the implementation of "paperless office" will speed up the transformation and upgrading of China's paper industry

        Facing the future, the industry is to adjust to the main line, considering the future development, and two, on the basis of development, how to optimize, upgrade and improve the quality of development, and three is to improve the efficiency of the industry, so that industrial upgrading and development